Understanding Helmet Types
Which one is your favorite?

If you are new to NFL Helmet collecting then all of the different helmet types can be a confusing mystery. This guide will clear up the mystery and put you on your way to becoming an NFL Helmet collecting connoisseur. All of our helmets are manufactured by Riddell. Riddell helmets are the official football helmets of the NFL. Keep reading to find out which helmet line is right for you!

Helmet Sizes Our NFL Football Helmet Shop carries 2 types of Riddell NFL helmets, the full size NFL helmet and the mini NFL helmet. The full size helmet is the same model the pros wear. The mini helmet line is half the size of the regular full size helmet. The replica, authentic, revolution, and throwback helmets are all available in mini or full size models. In addition, we also carry the collectorís series of fiber optic and pewter NFL helmets. Note: None of our Riddell helmets are meant to be worn. They are collector's items only.

Full Size Replica Riddell Football Helmets

Also known as the Delux Replica, this Full Size Replica NFL Football Helmet is not intended for competitive play, but itís an affordable collectorís piece for the true football fan. This full size helmet has decorative pads, a 2 point chinstrap and uses the same polyvinyl coated face mask as the authentic.

Full Size Authentic Riddell Football Helmets

Also known as the Proline series, this full size helmet is the real thing! These authentic NFL Football Helmets are the ones seen on the pros. They include the official team decals, Kra-Lite IIģ Polycarbonate Lexan shell, and inflatable liner with 2 inflation points, steel polyvinyl-coated quarterback/running back style facemask, & a 4-point chinstrap. These helmets use VSR4 technology.

Full Size Revolution Riddell Football Helmets

The Riddell Revolution Football Helmet was introduced in 2002, and is the most significant football helmet design change in over twenty years. This Authentic Riddell Revolution Football Helmet was designed with the intent of reducing concussions. These Riddell football helmets are officially NFL licensed and can now be seen on the field. The Riddell Revolution Football Helmets have extended jaw protection, increased side padding, integrated facemask attachment system, weight balance redistribution and elliptical air vents. An authentic professional NFL football helmet developed by Riddell!

Throwback Replica Riddell Football Helmet

Throwback NFL Football Helmets are the helmets of the past. The Replica Throwback Riddell Football Helmets are the same quality as the Full Size Replica NFL Football Helmet line, but they consist of the decals and colors of past NFL football helmets. Show that youíre a long time NFL fan by displaying this collectorsís piece from the past!

Throwback RK Classic Riddell Football Helmet

The RK Classic NFL Football Helmets are built with the legacy suspension technology that was seen on the field back in the 50ís and 60ís. Riddell didnít cut any corners when they reproduced this blast from the past. These NFL Football Helmets are authentic in every detail. This flared shell helmet has the two bar facemask, the real leather jaw pads, gray toned strap, and identical labeling that make this helmet just like the original ones made 50 years ago. This is a collectorís item for the vintage football helmet seeker!

Throwback Authentic NFL Football Helmet

These Riddell Football Helmets arenít as old as the RKs, but they are still vintage classics. These pro line throwbacks are the same helmets worn by the pros of the past. They feature the same great construction as the Authentic Pro Line Football Helmets of today, but they are equipped with the legacy style facemask and old-style decals. A collectorís item for the vintage NFL Football helmet seeker.

Throwback NFL Football Mini Helmet

The Throwback NFL Mini Helmets are mini helmet replicaís from the past. The Mini Helmet is just like the Full Size Replica, but only half the size. This Riddell Football helmet may be a mini, but it doesnít lack any detail from the full size Riddell Football Helmet.

Replica NFL Football Mini Helmet

The NFL Mini Helmet replica is just like the full size Riddell Football Helmet in detail, but they are only half the size. These NFL football helmets are affordable, collectible and donít take up as much room in your showcase. Once you start collecting these, youíll be hooked!

Authentic NFL Mini Helmet

The Authentic NFL Mini Helmet is also known as the Mini Pro Line Authentic Football Helmet. This helmet has all of the same technology, padding, and look of the helmets worn by the pros, except itís been scaled down to half the size.

Mini Riddell Revolution Football Helmet

The Riddell Revolution Football Helmet was introduced in 2002 and is now fully licensed by the NFL. The Revolution NFL Football Helmets were designed to lower the risk of concussion and they can now be seen on the field. The NFL Mini Helmet, Revolution is identical to the Full Size Revolution Football Helmet except itís only half the size.

Collectible Pewter NFL Football Mini Helmet

An antiqued finish on a great NFL mini helmet! Each Pewter NFL Football Helmet is plated 3 times and buffed to provided dimension and character. This Riddell Football Helmet is then clear-coated for added protection. Next, your team logo is sculpted, and brush finished. This collectorís piece is stylish, and would look great in your den or office.

Collectible Fiber Optic Full Size NFL Football Helmet

This collectorís piece is a Full Size Replica NFL Football Helmet with state-of-the-art fiber optic light point designs that flash and chase in endless patterns. Perfect for the NFL Fan that loves technology. AC adapter is included!

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